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Ecological Field StudiesEcological Field Studies

Outdoor UK also offers a large range of services to assist you in running your field studies trips. We use our extensive experience to take the stress away from your staff, so they can concentrate on taking care of your students.

We will perform all of the relevant risk assessments needed and provide a professionally qualified and experienced instructor to work with your group and ensure their safety and well-being throughout.

In addition, we also provide all specialist safety equipment and safety back-up, so you can feel confident that your group are in safe hands every step of the way.

Outdoor UK can provide support in a range of curriculum areas from biology to geography and art. We offer programmes ranging from one day studies in your local area through to multi-day studies, for instance following a river from the sea to its source, allowing your group to gain a detailed insight into the river ecology and its formation as well as seeing the river in all its states, or reviewing the effects of different valley formations and working through your pre-agreed timetable and worksheets discussing glaciation and water erosion.

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