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Worldwide Educational Challenges

Educational Challenges are designed to give students the opportunity to develop and plan, over a year-long period, their own expedition to an overseas destination. The young people are involved at every stage of the planning including writing their own itinerary, choosing a cultural project and deciding what areas of the host country they wish to experience.

If you're looking to scale Mount Kilimanjaro while being fully self-sufficient or negotiate the most severe rapids of the Colorado River, we are well equipped to assist you in planning and carrying out the expedition safely and on schedule.

However your expedition doesn’t have to be to these far-flung destinations. We also organise and run expeditions within the UK to areas such as North Wales, the Scottish Highlands and the mountains of Southern Ireland.

Whether you are looking for a challenging destination for your Duke of Edinburgh’s award, somewhere different to take your Outdoor Education Diploma or geography students or a challenging environment to facilitate personal development of your staff or students, then Unlimited Expeditions can design the perfect expedition for you.

Our expertise, experience and knowledge allow us to develop unique and challenging projects that will enhance your interpersonal, social and life skills which are transferable into all aspects of life.

Worldwide Educational ChallengesStudent Development through Worldwide Educational

These expeditions benefit the young people by:

How will we support you during the expedition build up?

How will we support you during your expedition?

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